Crisis Management

We have many years of experience resolving your immediate points of pain: an impending audit, the threat of litigation, a bank manager who’s just threatened to pull your line of credit…

Estate Issues

Being the executor of an estate is never fun. Sometimes, complex tax, legal and financial concerns must be untangled against a backdrop of personal grief and often, grievance…

Routine Tax Filings

Corporate and personal tax returns, GST filings, payroll (including for family members or domestic help) – our bookkeeping staff can make sure your deadlines are met and headaches resolved.

Tax Planning

Being self-employed, especially when you own your own corporation, offers significant opportunities for tax savings. We’re here to help, offering insight and strategies that leverage your family’s unique personal circumstances.

International Issues

We provide the same range of problem solving, estate management, routine tax filings, tax planning and investment management services for those of our clients who are resident outside Canada.